Foundation and History

Oslove Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio, which started its activities in Alanya as a region in 2017, serves you immediately with its service understanding that spreads rapidly in many regions of Turkey and Europe. Our company, which was established for this purpose, has been and continues to be the primary choice of Tattoo and Piercing lovers from all over the world, making a name for itself in Turkey and Europe, both with our expert craftsmen and with the social and logistic opportunities it has provided to you.

Tattoo and Piercing Service

We offer the best tattoo service that you will want to carry for a lifetime with our artisans, each of whom is an expert in their field. Whether it's a realistic work, a romantic narrative, a photographic snapshot, or an iconic image! You just ask! Oslove Ink Tattoo and Piercing studio is at your service with the most expert trained and experienced artists in the field of tattoo and piercing you wish.

Global Recognition

OsloveInk Tatto and Piersing Studio, which has made a name for itself with its services, offers the best quality service to its customers, whose global brand awareness is now known in many countries and who regularly come from abroad.


Currently, with 12 Tattoo Studios in 5 Different Countries in total, they continue on their way with confident steps as a family that grows day by day and grows with each customer to whom it provides tattoo services.